3D Object Designer

Download your copy of Fractracer here. It will run as a trial version until you enter your purchased license key on startup.

DOWNLOAD FRACTRACER (32 bit version)



After downloading the program, double-click on the downloaded file to install Fractracer.



The downloaded evaluation version is fully functional, except:
  • - You cannot render images with resolution higher than 1600x900.
  • - You cannot build animation with resolution higher than 640x480.
  • - You cannot save 3D mesh with resolution higher than 128.
  • - Unregistered version cannot be used for commercial purposes.

In order to use full functioned software you must purchase a license key.
If you have a license for Fractracer, enter it when starting the program to turn the trial version into a full version.

For technical support, you can send e-mail at: